Best Wedding Photographers in Costa Rica

You already decided to tie the knot and have already selected Costa Rica as a suitable destination, congratulations! You won’t regret your choice. The cake is ready, the guests are here; it is the right time to capture the magic moment in a picture. These pics must be taken by a professional, don’t leave your dearest frames in the hands of an amateur, and it is always a much better choice to look for a Costa Rica wedding photographer. 

Costa Rica, with its warm and humid climate, gives the country a unique environment that allows photographers to explore different natural background until they find the one that suits the vision of your wedding. But this environment also creates unique challenges that only Costa Rica photographers can anticipate.

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Why hire Costa Rica photographers?

One of the main advantages of looking for local talents is the budget. Hiring a photographer overseas is usually more expensive and it might have to include transportation and accommodation. Costa Rica wedding photographers are used to driving to the location directly to do their job. Besides the budget advantage, Costa Rica photographers know the best locations for the photo-shoot; they know the beaches, mountains, and resorts that have the best backgrounds.

When planning a wedding in another country there are also unknown challenges for the visitors. The weather can get very surprising and ruin some very nice pictures in a moment. Look for the Costa Rica wedding photographer that suits your needs and adapts to your wedding style. It is very important to communicate openly with this professional to let him or her know what you want and what you expect.

A good Costa Rica wedding photographer will be prepared for the occasion. They will not be busy dancing with the guests or enjoying the after-party. These are the kind of photographs that brides or grooms will show to their family members with pride and joy. Professional pictures are taken with purpose, resourcefulness, and dexterity. And if you care about Costa Rica photography, you will then recommend a professional to your other soon-to-be-wed acquaintances, friends and family members.

In this list you will find the best Costa Rica wedding photographer available for your precious moments:

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Costa Rica Photography: Wedding Specialists

1. Madison Baltodano

Madison Maltodano will capture your wedding regardless of the number of guests you have. It can be a two-person elopement or a 300 people event. She pays attention to the vision of the couple and captures moments filled with emotion and joy. She offers packages starting at $700 and if you want to have your wedding on video, her husband’s company is also available. Their services are available in Manuel Antonio and you can contact them through their website, Skype or a Costa Rican phone number.

2. Sharing Life Photography

Mariana and Raquel are two professional Costa Rica photographers who have degrees in design and photography that go hand in hand with the quality of their work. They have experience in wedding photography internationally and also in tourism and special events. Their photography business, Sharing Life Photography is based in Costa Rica and will go wherever your event is located. They are available via email and phone, which you can find on their website

3. Toh Gouttenoire

This French photographer traded the Eiffel Tower for sandy beaches. He is ready to offer, from Tamarindo, the best Costa Rica photography you can get for your wedding. Almost 20 years of experience has given Toh Gouttenoire unique ways of interpreting wedding pictures, from classic to adventurous “Trash the Dress” sessions. He also offers video and drone pictures. Find him on Instagram, by email, phone or Facebook. 

4. Jonathan Yonkers

Jonathan Yonkers offers photography and video services in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. If you want your wedding video to be transformed into a romantic film, this is the best Costa Rica wedding photographer you can find. Pictures are sent by email in high resolution to be printed at home, or they can be printed with their website platform and then have them delivered. A day could cost $950 depending on the number of hours that you hire. Each hour corresponds to between 50 and 75 pictures. 

5. Jonathan Cooley

Jonathan Cooley will show you the meaning of professional quality Costa Rica photography. His love for dramatic landscapes and magical moments will make your wedding pictures look unique. His fusion of life, love and nature in Costa Rica really shows in the quality of his work. 

6. Silvia Guardia

Based in Guanacaste, Silvia Guardia works as a Costa Rica wedding photographer offering the services she has perfected over more than 10years of experience. Reliable, positive and passionate about her work, your wedding photos are safe with this photographer. She has been living and working in Playas del Coco, using the beautiful natural light and scenery to create and capture the greatest moments of the couple and the whole event. You can contact her by email, phone or leaving a message on her website.

7. Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown’s best work is to capture the real you in those moments of joy and tears in your wedding or family pictures. Samba to the Sea specializes in those vibrant moments filled with emotions that create the love story of your life. Based in Costa Rica and also in Georgia, U.S.A., Kristen offers her multiple photography services, from brand pictures to family and weddings. She is into capturing emotions through the lens; she can be contacted by email or leaving a message on her website.

8. White Diamond Photo

Natalia and Emanuel are a couple ready to serve and get your favorite pictures on the day of your wedding. White Diamond Photo is based in Costa Rica and covers multiple beaches and locations. A simple form in their web page will let you contact them for prices. They have packages for your engagement, wedding and post-wedding sessions that can be modified to suit your needs. Their online gallery is available and displays some of their best work.

9. Papaya Wedding

Maciej Bogusz grew up in Poland and came to Costa Rica in 2016 to begin his new dream of photography. Now Papaya Wedding specializes in destination weddings and elopement packages. He describes his work as “documentary, photo journalistic story-telling.” Papaya Wedding has earned WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice Award for the last three years.

Costa Rica photography in the hands of the family?

Sometimes we think that a relative with a good camera can be the photographer of our wedding. You may have a cousin, uncle or niece that is eager to be the photographer of your wedding. However, an amateur photographer won’t be ready or prepared for weather conditions and changing light in Costa Rica. They can also be distracted enjoying the party themselves and they can, therefore, forget or miss some really important moments.

Hiring a professional will guarantee every hour of the wedding is covered. They have highly specialized and expensive cameras and lenses that are made for the conditions that usually accompany Costa Rican weddings. Costa Rica photographers are already trained to deal with local challenges and deliver great work in a short time.

What about the fees?

Costa Rica photography fees will vary from one company to another. There are, however, some basic items that are common among this professional world: extra fees will be charged if it is necessary to have an assistant photographer, to use local transportation or to accommodate the photographers in a hotel.

The best option is to contact several Costa Rica wedding photographers and ask directly about their fees according to the type of event and the number of guests. If the wedding is celebrated on the beach, in the middle of the sand and waves, it will be necessary to have an assistant that can capture photographs from a different angle.

How to make the best decision?

There are several details that have to be ready before contacting a photographer because they would like to know the number of guests, location, the style of the wedding, and the colors of the decor. Once these details are chosen, it is time to find a photographer that you personally feel comfortable with, and whose style matches the type of wedding pictures you want.  

A Costa Rica wedding is a beautiful, tropical and romantic event that should be remembered forever. Don’t leave it to an amateur. The Costa Rica photography industry has many professional wedding photographers to suit your style and budget. They know the climate, they know the locations, and they know how to capture the Pura Vida essence that having your wedding in Costa Rica will undoubtedly bring!