Drift Away Eco-Lodge Supports and Celebrates Diversity

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Diversity is a key element of our mission of sustainability and community at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center. 

We support and celebrate our differences as human beings for the benefit of our guests, our employees and our community.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge welcomes everyone, and does not discriminate against due to race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.

Everyone deserves dignity and respect

We believe all people are entitled to dignity and respect, and that every guest deserves nothing less than our very best service and hospitality. 

Discrimination, willful or otherwise, only serves to undermine and diminish our value as human beings and will not be tolerated. Drift Away Eco-Lodge is a safe place for all.

We feel this is especially important to reiterate now, as the Black Lives Matter movement shows us all how destructive discrimination can be. And here in Costa Rica, diversity is more important than ever, as we witnessed how divisive the debate was surrounding the move to legally recognize same-sex marriages.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge supports same-sex marriage

We fully support and celebrate legalizing same sex marriage in Costa Rica (as of May 26, 2020) and welcome all couples who wish to formally declare their love in our natural beauty and among our great people.

Costa Rica is the only country in Central America to legalize gay marriage, and is one of very few tropical vacation destinations to do so.  We hope that couples from all over the world consider this progressive little country when deciding on an exotic location for their nuptials.

For some background, read this article in Howler Magazine.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge will soon be acquiring LGBTQ+ Wedding Certification from the Equality Institute of Chicago. The Costa Rica Diverse Chamber of Commerce is holding this country’s first LGBTQ+ Wedding Certificate Program in September 2020, and a team from our eco-lodge will be attending.

Costa Rica is a safe place for all

wedding friends and family sign

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is a perfect place for an intimate and private beach wedding.

We know the LGBTQ international community wants to visit travel destinations where the people are friendly and have an open mind; places where they feel safe and welcome to express their love without being judged, persecuted or ridiculed. Drift Away Eco-Lodge in Costa Rica is that place.

Costa Rica has the perfect environment for gay couples to come and get married, with privacy, luxury and nature, along with safety and respect, and quality service.

Please visit the ”Weddingssection of our website to learn more and contact us at [email protected] 


Drift Away Eco-Lodge apoya y celebra la diversidad

La diversidad es un elemento clave de nuestra misión de sostenibilidad y comunidad en Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center.

Apoyamos y celebramos nuestras diferencias como seres humanos en beneficio de nuestros huéspedes, nuestros empleados y nuestra comunidad.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge les da la bienvenida a todos y no discrimina por motivos de raza, color, ascendencia, religión, sexo, origen nacional, orientación sexual, edad, ciudadanía, estado civil, discapacidad, identidad de género.

Todos merecen dignidad y respeto

Creemos que todas las personas tienen derecho a la dignidad y el respeto, y que cada huésped merece nada menos que nuestro mejor servicio y hospitalidad.

La discriminación, solo sirve para socavar y disminuir nuestro valor como seres humanos y no será tolerada. Drift Away Eco-Lodge es un lugar seguro para todos.

Creemos que esto es especialmente importante para reiterar ahora, ya que el movimiento Black Lives Matter nos muestra a todos cuán destructiva puede ser la discriminación. Y aquí en Costa Rica, la diversidad es más importante que nunca, ya que fuimos testigos de cuán divisivo fue el debate en torno al movimiento para reconocer legalmente los matrimonios del mismo sexo.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge apoya el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo.

Apoyamos y celebramos plenamente la legalización del matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo en Costa Rica (a partir del 26 de mayo de 2020) y damos la bienvenida a todas las parejas que deseen declarar formalmente su amor en nuestra belleza natural y entre nuestra gran gente.

Costa Rica es el único país de América Central que legaliza el matrimonio homosexual, y es uno de los pocos destinos de vacaciones tropicales que lo hace, y esperamos que las parejas de todo el mundo consideren este pequeño país progresivo al decidir un lugar exótico para su nupcias.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge pronto adquirirá la certificación de boda LGBTQ + del Instituto de Igualdad de Chicago. La Cámara de Comercio Diversa de Costa Rica llevará a cabo el primer Programa de Certificado de Bodas LGBTQ + de este país en septiembre de 2020, tenemos un equipo que asistirá a este evento.

Costa Rica es un lugar seguro para todos

Familia y Amigos

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center es un lugar perfecto para una boda en la playa íntima y privada.

Sabemos que la comunidad internacional LGBTQ quiere visitar destinos de viaje donde las personas son amigables y tienen una mente abierta; lugares donde se sienten seguros y bienvenidos para expresar su amor sin ser juzgados, perseguidos o ridiculizados. Drift Away Eco-Lodge en Costa Rica es ese lugar.

Costa Rica tiene el ambiente perfecto para que las parejas homosexuales vengan y se casen, con privacidad, lujo y naturaleza, junto con seguridad y respeto, y un servicio de calidad.

Visite la sección ”Weddings” de nuestro sitio web para obtener más información.

Contactenos a  [email protected] 


Costa Rica Surf Spots: Locals Reveal the Best


“This is the kind of day you dream about, just you and your friends, offshore winds, 85 degree water, quality waves, and the nearest parking meter is 800 miles away.”

The Endless Summer II, 1994

Costa Rica is known to have some of the best surfing in the world. Some of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica are located very close to Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center. Surfers from all over the world visit Guanacaste surf beaches. The water is warm and the winds are perfect and the waves are awesome.  

Each surf location is different. Some surf beaches are better for beginners and novices. Others are mind-blowingly great, but only if you know what you’re doing. So if you’re planning a Costa Rica surfing vacation, you’ve come to the right place!

This article has some helpful information on the best surfing beaches in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We asked local surfers and other surf experts for their recommendations of the  best places to surf in Guanacaste. We’ll get to their suggestions in a bit.  But first, some of the basics.

Surfing in Costa Rica: When To Go

child surfing playa avellanas

Surfers of all ages and abilities can enjoy the waves of Playa Avellanas. (photo courtesy Avellanas Surf School)

The North Pacific (that’s where we are) swell season is between November and April, the South Pacific swell season is between June and September. 

These are the times of year when large weather systems create consistent, surfable waves. Other times of the year the waves are created by local winds. But you know what? You can experience some great surfing in Costa Rica at any time of the year. For surf trips, Costa Rica is a great destination whenever you want to go.

Best Costa Rica Surf Beaches

Costa Rica surf beaches can be divided into four areas: 

  • North – the surf beaches of Guanacaste near the Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center.
  • Central – the surf beaches of Puntarenas.
  • South – the surf beaches of Golfo Dulce.
  • Caribbean – the surf beaches of the southeast coast, near Limón.

The advantage of the northern surf beaches is that there are more consistent swells. Moreover, the region is much drier than the rest of the west coast during the wet season, when the best surfing happens.

Costa Rica Locals Reveal The Best Surf Spots

man surfing

Juan Roberto Arias Tyrell surfing the waves off the coast of Guanacaste. (courtesy Juan Roberto Arias Tyrell)

So what do the local surfers say? These people teach surfing, have surfed here all their lives, or have made Costa Rica a regular destination for their surf vacations. Their passion is for the waves! You can find these guys at various bars, restaurants, and shops around here. Buy them a beer and they may share more insider tips with you.

Playa Callejones

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 5 km

Recommended by Andres Gutierrez, Receptionist at Drift Away Eco-Lodge 

“The best surf beach in this area would be Playa Junquillal and Playa Callejónes. Junquillal is a very fast wave with two sides. The good thing about this beach is that not many people visit it to surf. Callejones has a big wave on the right, and on the left a slow wave, and when it gets closer to the sand it is fast… and it is a secret beach.”

man surfing

Andres Gutierrez, Receptionist at Drift Away Eco-Lodge

Playa Negra

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 3.5 km

Recommended by Jeronimo de Almenera, El Bar Kon Tiki  

“If you ask me the best spot around the area is Playa Negra, but you better have some level (experience) before paddling out there. Between the low tide and the high tide there is a considerable difference in the speed, power and danger factor. Please have a good and respectful attitude when surfing here as the locals are kind but get ticked off easily! For beginners and up, there is Playa Avellanas, a beautiful long beach break with many different peaks and an amazing beach vibe. There you can get everything from super long lefts for those that can surf, to nice soft beginner whitewaters that you can learn to stand on.”

Find Jeronimo and El Bar Kontiki on Instagram and Facebook @elbarkontiki, call 2652 9117, or email [email protected]

Playa Negra

woman boady boarding surfing

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 3.5 km

Recommended by Luciana Warde, bodyboardist

“My best place to surf in Guanacaste is Playa Negra.

This is the reason that I decided to live here!

Perfect, consistent waves, warm water, beautiful sunsets… that is the reason to be here in Los Pargos.”


Playa Avellanas

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 1.5 km

Recommended by Mauricio Ortega Chaves, Avellanas Surf School 

Avellanas Beach is one of the best places to surf in Costa Rica for beginners, and it is excellent for those intermediate and advanced surfers as well. 

A reef break called “La Purruja” is in front of Lola’s parking lot. It’s a world-class wave with the right swell direction and a challenge for most intermediate level surfers. The “Beach Break” is an ‘A’ frame wave that also breaks in front of Lola’s. Just north of Lola’s is a surf spot called “Palo Seco’. It is a smooth wave for those that are learning surfing or at a basic level. If you continue walking north, you will encounter “The Estero” which is a river mouth break and great for advanced surfers. Past “The Estero” is “Little Hawaii”. This wave is a dream come true for advanced level surfers that love to rip hard.”

Find Mauricio and Avellanas Surf School on Instagram @avellanas_surf-school  Facebook @AvellanasSurfSchool Telephone/WhatsApp 7105-2619, email: [email protected]

Playa Avellanas

Juan Roberto Arias Tyrell

Juan Roberto Arias Tyrell

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 1.5 km

Recommended by Juan Roberto Arias Tyrell, Tamarindo Tico Tours Surf Concierge

“Playa Avellanas is the best surf spot for most kinds of surfers. It is a good surf spot for all levels with different peaks along the beach. The rest are more advanced spots that are best to keep undisclosed!”

Find Juan on Instagram @tamarindoticotours or email [email protected]

Playa Marbella

Alex Delmas

Alex Delmas

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 32 km

Recommended by Alex Delmas, Surfboardbroker 

“I would say if the waves are small, under 5-6 feet, it’s very fun up in Marbella, and if the swell is pumping for a long period of more than 6 feet, and you’re an expert level, you should go to Playa Negra.”

Find Alex on Instagram @surboardbrokercostarica

‘The Secret Spot’

One surf spot never revealed by locals is “The Secret Spot” near Avellanas, made legendary by the 1994 surf movie Endless Summer II. Named because it is a special place for locals and their friends, who guard its location carefully for fear that this pristine wave would become flooded with surfers. You’ll be lucky if you find it.

Time and again Playa Negra and Playa Avellanas are ranked as some of the top surfing best beaches in Costa Rica. Both surf beaches are very close to the Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center. Surfers in Tamarindo should seriously consider the short drive south, to escape the touristy areas and crowded waves to find a tranquil, rural and remote setting with some of the best surfing around!

Drift Away Eco-Lodge offers customized individual, couples, and family surf packages! Weekly family packages start at $599. Includes accommodation, daily breakfast, 5 x 90-minute lessons, bi-lingual surf instructor, board hire and rash guard.

Read about more activities at Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center.

Costa Rica: World-Class Yoga Retreat & Wellness Retreat Destination

Yoga retreats in the jungle. Yoga retreats on the beach. Yoga with the sea breeze wafting over you while listening to the dancing palms and crashing waves. Yoga as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. It’s warm. It’s vibrant. It’s perfect. It’s Costa Rica.

It’s the reason why time and again, in blogs, online travel journals, and international yoga publications, Costa Rica ranks as one of the top destinations globally for yoga retreats, wellness retreats, yoga vacations, and yoga teacher training. Yoga in Costa Rica is flourishing and is an important part of the economy. 

When it comes to wellness and the best yoga retreats, Costa Rica is the only destination in the tropical and subtropical Americas to make this claim. So why does this tiny country attract so much yogic energy?

Here are six reasons why wellness retreats and yoga retreats in Costa Rica are so popular, and why Costa Rica should be your choice for your next wellness vacation.

Yoga in Costa Rica: 6 reasons why yoga’s heart is here

Immersed in Nature

Costa Rica is known as being one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. You can feel the life-giving energy as soon as you step off the plane. Costa Rica’s array of life is stunning. Consisting of only .03% of the world’s land mass, Costa Rica is home to 5 percent of the world’s biodiversity. 

You are immersed in nature here, and the connection with the world around you is strong. Rivers, beaches, waterfalls, rain forests, and mountains offer a vast array of natural beauty to enhance your well-being. 

Pura Vida: 

Costa Rica is consistently ranked as one of the happiest places in the world. The people here are welcoming, respectful, optimistic, and friendly. There is a way of life here embraced by all. It’s called Pura Vida (pure life), which is a mindful philosophy of cherishing the present moment, living a good life, and being unhindered by life’s daily stresses.

It doesn’t take long for the infectious attitude to spread to visitors. Your Costa Rica retreat will have this Pura Vida feeling – a life essence that will wash over your next wellness vacation, yoga retreat, or yoga teacher training.


There is no winter in the tropics, so wellness retreats and yoga vacations in Costa Rica can be held 12-months of the year. From the cool, lush mountain jungles to the warm, breezy beaches, temperatures here are mild to warm, even at night. Yogis can practice outdoors in any number of environments. No snow to shovel, no sleet to drive through – just swaying palm trees, hypnotic ocean waves and monkeys in the flowering trees. Bring a swimsuit, flip flops and your yoga clothes. Packing is simple.

Costa Rica yoga. Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

A Costa Rica yoga experience. Image by Dana Tentis from Pixabay


A Costa Rica yoga retreat will cost you much less than you think. Compared to prices in places such as the United States, Canada, or Europe, Costa Rica yoga retreats are relatively affordable. According to Yoga Travel Tree, Costa Rica retreat prices can range between $500 and $3,000. 

Health, Wellness & Sustainability: 

Ecotourism, and health and wellness tourism in Costa Rica were important long before it was popular anywhere else. In Costa Rica, eco retreats and wellness tourism aren’t fads. 

Well-being and health are important facets of the Costa Rica retreat and vacation experience and have been so for a long time. Plus, Costa Rica has no military, has universal health care, a strategy to ban all fossil fuels by 2050, and is one of the most progressive countries in terms of environmental protection, resource conservation, socio-political equality and democratic values. When you visit Costa Rica you know you are visiting and contributing to a special place in the world.

Other Activities: 

Another reason why wellness and  yoga retreats in Costa Rica are so popular is the wealth of activities available. From zip-lining and surfing (we have some of the best in the world!), to hiking to waterfalls and sailing, the abundance of fun activities will make your time in Costa Rica unforgettable.

Best Costa Rica Retreat Centers: Where To Go

Several areas are already famous for Costa Rica yoga retreats. Nosara, Samara, Santa Teresa, Montezuma, the Central Valley, the Caribbean south coast, and Tamarindo are home to dozens of world class wellness retreat centers in wonderful, exotic locations.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Yoga Retreat Center

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is the newest option in the Tamarindo area.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is the newest option in the Guanacaste area near Tamarindo. In early 2020 we completed a beautiful new, spacious yoga shala on our property. It can welcome up to 32 people for a yoga class. It is open-air so the sea breeze can cool you as you look out on our lush garden of tropical plants, trees and flowers. Retreat leaders who have already visited say it is one of the best yoga shalas they have ever used! 

We also offer equipment such as mats, blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters. The yoga shala at Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is also perfect for cacao ceremonies, workshops, training, meditation, and other group activities.

Add three meals of homemade, all-natural locally grown food, a beautiful swimming pool, free access to surf boards and bicycles, a lovely little beach just meters away, and attentive, caring staff. Our commitment to sustainability and community in everything we do means you will be positively contributing to the local environment and economy. 

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is a perfect place for your next wellness retreat. 

We sincerely hope that your next yoga retreat will be in Costa Rica. Staff at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center are looking forward to working with you to make your yoga or wellness retreat fulfilling and life-changing for all.

Namaste, and Pura Vida.

Retreat Kula: Drift Away Eco-Lodge named one of the top venues for yoga retreats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Turtles Nesting in Playa Ostional: a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Where to see turtles in Costa Rica? Sea turtle nesting on the beaches of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge is one of the best things to do in Costa Rica and a great day trip for anyone staying at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge in Playa Avellanas. 

Here is everything you need to know about sea turtle nesting and why Playa Ostional is the best place to see turtles in Costa Rica. 

The Arribada: Sea Turtles Nesting in Playa Ostional, Costa Rica 

As the sun sets over the Pacific at Playa Ostional, Costa Rica, not dozens, not hundreds, but tens of thousands of turtles emerge from the sea and slowly crawl up the beach. They stumble over each other, so determined to reach their goal.  

Arribada on the shores of Ostional Beach in Guanacaste

It’s called the “arribada” in Spanish, or arrival in English. Costa Rica is one of only a handful of destinations in the world where this phenomena occurs. 

Nothing can prepare you for the sight. You may have seen the photos or the watched video, but when you are there, on the beach, seeing it first-hand, your jaw drops. You don’t know where to point your camera to capture the spectacle and the scale of what you are witnessing.

How to See Costa Rica Turtles Nesting

Playa Ostional, located just 44 km (27 miles) from Drift Away Eco-Lodge, is one of two beaches in Guanacaste, Costa Rica where tourists can witness this natural phenomena.

The laborious turtle nesting process takes more than an hour. The female turtles dig holes in the sand, deposit a “clutch” of 80 to 100 eggs, then cover them up with sand before dragging themselves back into the sea. Millions of ping-pong ball-sized eggs are buried in the sand – right under your feet.

It takes about 1.5 hours (often less) to drive to Playa Ostional from Drift Away Eco Lodge, depending on the season and road conditions – an easy drive for a memorable day-trip.

When Do Sea Turtles Lay Their Eggs?

The most populous of all the seven species of Costa Rica turtles are the Olive Ridleys. They are the ones that congregate on the beaches here. Leatherback turtles, Pacific green turtles and Hawksbills also nest on Playa Ostional, but in much fewer numbers (and some of these species are perilously endangered).  

Ostional Beach in November

Ostional Beach in November

July through December sees the largest arribadas – and in October and November numbers go into the hundreds of thousands in one night. The arribadas happen seven to 10 days before the new moon, on the darkest of nights. The turtles begin their beach invasion as the sun sets, and will continue until morning.

The largest arribada happened in November of 1995, when an estimated 500,000 turtles – half a million! – came ashore. Now that’s a wildlife sighting like no other.

Ostional National Wildlife Refuge

The Ostional National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1984 to protect this area from prolific poaching and to provide a safe haven for Costa Rica turtles to nest and hatch. 

Visitors access Playa Ostional to see turtles only with a wrist band and official guide. Guides stop people from handling or touching the turtles or their nests and using camera flashes or flashlights (turtles can get confused by white or bright lights – only red lights can be used).

Guides also regulate the number of people on the beach at any one time during peak tourist seasons.  The guides accompany visitors throughout the entire turtle nesting process – from the time the turtles arrive on the beach, dig the nest, deposit the eggs and up until they are ready to then cover the nest back up again.

When do Sea Turtles Hatch in Costa Rica?

Around 55 days after the nesting, the eggs hatch and tiny baby turtles make their way to the ocean. It’s a phenomenon in itself, but less predictable. The eggs usually hatch at night, but the hatchings usually start around sunset.  The temperature of the sand determines the baby’s sex. 

Tourist photographic se turtles on beach

Visitors at Playa Ostional can get some great photographs of the turtles as they emerge from the Pacific Ocean.

The chance of survival for each turtle egg is low: poachers and predators lurk around every corner. On land, there are humans, vultures, and dogs – and in the sea, sharks and other large predatory fish loom. 

Amazingly enough, females that manage to survive and grow to reproductive maturity (10-15 years) return to Playa Ostional, Costa Rica to lay their eggs despite the fact that their migratory travels may take them thousands of kilometers away.

Staff at Drift Away Eco-Lodge can help you determine the best time to go. Departing our eco-lodge at around 3 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. can give you enough time to get to Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, buy tickets at the guide office ($10) and witness the arribada as the sun sets (starting around 5 p.m.). Arriving before sunset means you can get some great photos of the turtles without using a flash. 

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness one of nature’s incredible shows – the sea turtles of Playa Ostional, Costa Rica. A great reason to visit Costa Rica on your next vacation!

Blue Zone Costa Rica, the Healthiest Place on Earth

You can feel it as you travel down the bumpy dirt roads, away from the touristy city of Tamarindo, into the Costa Rican countryside. A sense of relaxation and tranquility. Of calm. And Peace. 

No concrete resorts, gas stations, or banks. No bright lights. No billboards or box stores. You are in rural, Blue Zone Costa Rica. Where the term “Pura Vida” (Pure Life) is more than just a saying on a souvenir shot glass, it’s a meaningful way of life.

Here, monkeys and parrots, and iguanas live in the green coastal forests, announcing the start of each day as the first light cracks the dawn. It’s an invitation for the locals to rise and begin their chores and the day’s labors. Saddled horses are hitched to posts outside the small tiendas. Ox carts are still functional farm implements. Dusty roads are lined with ancient trees, pastures with cows and goats, and small, simple homes where families enjoy meals on the porch.

It is this tranquility and escape from the modern stresses and western lifestyles that may be why this area, the Nicoya Peninsula, is one of five places in the world where residents live extraordinarily long and healthy lives. Here, life travels at its own pace – and visitors are transported to another, simpler time.

Blue Zones in the World

These areas are called “Blue Zones”, a term coined by National Geographic’s David Buettner, who led a team of scientists to discover why people in some areas of the planet live longer and healthier lives than the rest of us. They narrowed their findings to five regions, all in totally different geographical and topographical landscapes, and all with varying factors that led to the locals’ good health. Read David Buettner’s Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From The People Who Live The Longest, 2008.

One of those regions – Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula – is a roughly 80-mile long and 30-mile wide stretch of land in the northwest corner of the country, south of the Nicaraguan border. It is where Drift Away Eco-Lodge is located, on the Pacific Coast south of Tamarindo in the rural enclave of Playa Avellanas and Playa Negra (Los Pargos).

Other Blue Zones of the world are: Sardinia, Italy (where wine and laughter contribute to the longest male lifespan on earth), Loma Linda California (where a healthy vegan diet of the Seventh Day Adventists contributes to a lifespan 10 years longer than the average lifespan in the U.S.A.), Okinawa, Japan (where dedication to family and friends fosters the longest female lifespan on Earth), and Ikaria, Greece (where one in three people live into their 90’s and is basically free of dementia).

In the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone of Costa Rica, men over the age of 60 are seven times more likely to reach the 100-year mark than the global average. So what makes people so healthy in Nicoya, Costa Rica?

Nicoya Blue Zone Foods

Gallo pinto, eggs, toast, breakfast

Guests at Drift Away Eco-Lodge get a free breakfast of naturally sourced, unprocessed wholesome foods such as rice, beans, and eggs

The Nicoya diet is mainly naturally sourced, unprocessed wholesome foods such as squash, rice, beans, and corn. Much of the food is still homegrown as  homemade – such as tortillas, Gallo Pinto, plantains and tropical fruits, with meat thrown in just a few times a week.

There is very little added sugar or processed snacks. Families tend to eat lighter meals early in the evenings, and eat larger meals at lunch-time. Studies have linked diets that are fewer in calories to longer lifespans.

The water of the Nicoya Peninsula is also some of the hardest water on Earth – it is high in calcium and magnesium and contributes to low osteoporosis rates and low rates of heart disease.

Nicoya Blue Zone lifestyle

Family, friends and community are the most important aspects of life. Many people walk to visit neighbors and often live with extended family. They listen, laugh and connect. It is a sense of purpose in life that they call “plan de vida” or reason to live. It is what keeps many of the elderly working, active and contributing to the community.

The people of the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone also value hard work. The daily routine often consists of household chores and manual labor – physical exercise that keeps seniors fit and healthy – and out of hospitals and old age homes.

Nicoya is known for its sun. The sun shines every day consistently during dry seasons (December-May)  and exposure to sun in healthy intervals is a natural source of Vitamin D, which helps with heart and bone health.

Costa Rica – like many Latin American countries – is highly religious (mainly Catholic), and belonging to a church and having a faith in a higher power can lead to less stress, a better sense of well being and sense of purpose.

This area of Costa Rica has very few smokers. Cigarette/tobacco smoking is not prevalent at all. There are no ashtrays, and no butts on the ground. That alone must add years to the average life expectancy here!

It is this low-stress, natural and healthy environment that makes the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone such a remarkable and relaxing place to visit. 

Visitors to the Drift Away Eco-Lodge often say they can feel the stress leave their bodies as soon as they arrive. It is what makes this place ideal for retreats centered on well-being, yoga, mindfulness and health. 

Playa Lagartillo Beach

Make this magical area your next destination and explore and discover the health secrets of the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone

10 Best Restaurants in Playa Negra

Playa Negra, Guanacaste (also known as Los Pargos) is the sleepy little surf village just a few kilometers south of Drift Away Eco-Lodge. It is home to the famous surfing beach with the same name. It has a couple of small grocery stores, a church, and a surf shop. But for such a small place, it boasts a wide variety of restaurants –  from Mexican to French to Peruvian to Costa Rican food – there’s wood-fired pizza, farm-to-table meals and Costa Rica-grown organic coffee. You’ll want to budget enough days at the eco-lodge to try them all! This is a quick list of some of the great restaurants in Playa Negra, Guanacaste (in order of distance – closest to farthest – from Drift Away Eco-Lodge).

10 Best Restaurants in Playa Negra

Kon-Tiki Playa Negra

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 1.7 km

Kon-Tiki has been famous for its wood-fired pizza since a Peruvian couple opened it in Playa Negra, Guanacaste in 1992. The pizza oven is located right in the middle of the restaurant so you can watch your dinner being made! It has a cozy dining atmosphere where you can dine inside or out. There are vegetarian pizzas, too. Check out the new cocktail bar that now accompanies the restaurant – with creative homemade cocktails and Costa Rican craft beer. There’s live music on some weekends and the restaurant is almost close enough to walk to. 

Kon-Tiki Playa Negra hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Piko Negro

Distance to Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 2.3 km

This is another pizza place that you’ll notice as you enter Playa Negra. It features some fun decor, with hand-made wooden furniture hewn from giant logs. Prices at Piko Negro are bit cheaper than Kon-Tiki, and the restaurant can sometimes deliver right to Drift Away Eco-Lodge and if not, they offer take-away. Like all pizza joints, Piko Negra caters well for vegetarians who can tailor their own pies to suit their diets.

Piko Negro hours: Closed Mondays

Corazón Surf Café

Distance to Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 2.6 km

milk poured into cup of coffee

Photo courtesy of Corazón Surf Café

We love Café Corazon, the house coffee of the Corazón Surf Café. It’s what Drift Away Eco-Lodge serves at our juice bar and provides free of charge in all our guest rooms. It is 100% natural organic coffee sourced directly from its sustainable hillside coffee farms in Zona de Los Santos, Tarrazú, Costa Rica. Packaged in bio-friendly bags the coffee is a tasty souvenir to take home! We sell them in the Drift Away Eco-Lodge shop. 

Corazón Surf Café is a great place to chill with a morning brew. The cafe also serves up smoothies, cold-pressed juices with local fruit as well as  acai and pitaya bowls. 

Corazón Surf Café hours: TBA

La Vida Buena

Distance to Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 2.9 km

La Vida Buena restaurante sign with sunset

Photo courtesy of La Vida Buena

Owner, Willie, will take care of you at this local favorite with a menu that will have something for everyone, from fish to chicken to burgers to pizzas. La Vida Buena is a place to enjoy homemade Costa Rican food. Vegetarians can choose from a couple of pasta dishes, or ask for a meat-free burrito or casado. Diners can beat the heat and dine in indoor, air-conditioned comfort. If they can, they will deliver to Drift Away Eco-Lodge.

La Vida Buena hours: Open every day from 11 a.m. To 10 p.m. 

Café Playa Negra

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 3 km

tuna on plate with salad and potatoes

Photo courtesy of Café Playa Negra

Café Playa Negra specializes in Peruvian food, with a menu of more than 30 dishes that combines Peruvian and Costa Rican flavours. It’s famous for its ceviche, but there are also international dishes and a children’s menu. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are always looking for freshly-caught fish so ask about the catch of the day. There are no vegetarian dishes on the dinner menu at Cafe Playa Negra, so you’ll have to ask about meat-free options, or enjoy some tasty patacones or yuca chips. Besides ceviche, Café Playa Negra is also known for its daily fresh-baked desserts.

Café Playa Negra hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Closed Tuesdays

Jalapeño Eatery & Market

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 3.1 km

three smoothies, blueberry, strawberry and banana

Photo courtesy of Jalapeño

Jalapeño describes itself as a fun and casual restaurant with organic MSG-free fresh food, and a variety of delicious dishes made-to-order. A tasty breakfast and lunch stop best known for its burritos, with tortillas made by hand accompanied with homemade sauces. They make fresh Pico de Gallo every day, made-to-order guacamole, and serve organic chicken, and fish caught by the chef himself!

Jalapeño Eatery & Market hours: Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Villa Deevena French Restaurant

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 3.4 km

waiter pouring red wine for guest sitting at restaurant table with white linen

Photo courtesy of Villa Deevena

Villa Deevena French restaurant is probably the most upscale restaurant in Playa Negra, and is making headlines around the world – most recently in the New York Times! It’s French fine-dining in a beautiful setting, yet informal enough that you can still wear your flip flops. The menu is prepared by Chef de Cuisine Patrick Jamon, who moved to Costa Rica and opened Villa Deevena in 2009 after serving the president and dignitaries at a high-end restaurant in Los Angeles.  As the NYT article states “…the cooking emphasizes local, tropical ingredients grown, caught or gathered near the restaurant.” The menu is mainly meat and seafood. Vegetarians can ask for the gnocchi gorgonzola without ham, or ask the staff for other options – they are happy to make other vegetarian dishes that are not on the menu.

READ NEXT: New York Times profiles Villa Deevena 

Villa Deevena hours: Breakfast 7 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., Lunch 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Dinner 5:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. (last reservation)

Hotel Playa Negra

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 3.4 km

thatched roof palapa Hotel Playa Negra

Hotel Playa Negra boasts the only restaurant in Playa Negra that is on the beach. Dine under a palm-thatched rancho overlooking the Pacific Ocean and watch the surf and the sunset with a cocktail. The menu has many Costa Rican food items to choose from such as casados. It also serves fresh fish, lobster and seafood, and tenderloin steaks, as well as hamburgers, sandwiches and pasta. The restaurant says it has vegetarian and gluten-free dishes and kids’ meals. 

Hotel Playa Negra hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and the bar stay open later at night

La Ventana

Distance to Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 3.8 km

la ventana natural foods cafe juice bar catering

Photo courtesy of La Ventana

La Ventana specializes in whole, natural foods, fresh juices, gourmet organic coffees & teas. Jen, the owner, serves up breakfast, lunch, and food-to-go. The cafe is air-conditioned and features the work of local artists. There are several vegetarian options on the menu as well as homemade waffles, bagels, and granola. For lunch, there’s the tuna teriyaki bowl, the lemon hummus wrap or the vegetarian chili. Ask about the kimchi! 

La Ventana hours: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. closed Sundays

LaTica Lodge Alternative Resort

Distance to Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 5.6 km

overhead view of people eating meal around a large wooden table

Photo courtesy of LaTica

This is a fantastic, beautiful new dining option in Pargos. The owner is an architect, and it shows in the property’s stunning design and layout. It features Zeidy’s Kitchen, a restaurant that serves the resort’s guests. Non-guests must make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance, as the meals are served up from scratch every evening. Meals are served family-style, with farm-to-table vegetarian and meat dishes with a single, all-inclusive price. You don’t know what you’re going to get until it’s put down on the table! So be sure to mention any specific dietary requirements or requests when you book.

La Tica Kitchen hours: call ahead

The restaurants in Playa Negra, Guanacaste are making this place more than just a surf destination. Culinary and foodie types will enjoy the feast of restaurants in Playa Negra and in neighbouring Playa Avellanas (see our blog on those), and they are all a quick drive from Drift Away Eco-Lodge. Ask our receptionist to book your table today!

Minimizing Waste for the Environment & the Community

(Versión en español debajo)

The Drift Away Eco-Lodge takes its responsibility to the environment and the community seriously. When it comes to our waste, we have taken some simple steps that have drastically reduced the amount we produce. Sometimes our total output consists of just 1 or 2 large bags per week! It takes some pressure off Costa Rica’s waste infrastructure and minimizes the chances of it ending up in the wrong places like the beaches, streams or roadways.

Here’s what we did (and what you can do too!):

How Drift Away Eco-Lodge Reduces its Waste

Drift Away Eco-Lodge is single-use plastic-free

Drift Away Eco-Lodge is a single-use plastic-free zone, where we try to minimize our use of plastics and encourage and facilitate reduced plastic-use among our guests. One way we do this is by offering guests free use of quality, stainless steel water bottles during their stay. Guests can refill the bottles at one of our filtered water stations and take them to the beach or on excursions. It eliminates the need for guests to purchase bottled water.  And if they want, guests can purchase the bottles on departure. We also do not use plastic bags when we shop, choose and sell products with environmentally-friendly packaging, and discourage use of plastics among our employees. And we do not serve plastic drinking straws with our smoothies and beverages at our juice bar. We only use stainless steel, reusable and washable straws.

Swimming pool, coconut, stainless steel water bottle with Drift Away Eco-Lodge logo

How Drift Away Eco-Lodge recycles

Drift Away Eco-Lodge has a written and posted policy on recycling. We know recycling isn’t always the answer, but we also know that it is difficult to eliminate plastics altogether. So when our guests bring in plastics, glass or cans, we want to do everything we can to make sure that recyclable waste is in the hands of organizations who have the ability to handle it responsibly.

We have a visible recycling station at the center of our property that guests are encouraged to use. There are also recycling bins in all our rooms. Recyclable waste is sorted by our staff and stored until we have enough to transport. We avoid the local recycling station that is closest to our hotel because we realize the center is run by volunteers and we do not want to put added pressure on the few available resources that maintain the facility. Instead we take our recyclables to larger facilities in Filadelfia or Tamarindo, where there is staff to handle the waste. We also time our trips with other errands and tasks so that we are minimizing our fossil fuel use.

Also, all our containers for our breakfast yogurt, cleaning supplies, in-room toiletries, and beverages like craft beers and kombuchas are returned to the manufacturer where they are sanitized and reused.

The Drift Away Eco-Lodge composter is hungry!

Drift Away Eco-Lodge provides free daily breakfast for all our guests and fresh juice and smoothies in our juice bar, and that can produce a lot of organic waste. One of our first initiatives was to build a composter on the hotel property. It is a simple structure that took a few hours to build. The composter is fed a daily diet of pineapple rinds, papaya seeds and eggshells. It didn’t take long for the decomposing process to kick in, and now our organic waste is being turned into rich fertile material that we use on our garden and other plants. It is amazing how much
organic waste we can fit into the little box. It just keeps breaking down and we will never be able to fill it!

Cleanups & workshops: education and awareness

Drift Away Eco-Lodge has a staff member designated as our sustainability and community ambassador. It’s her job to educate and raise awareness of the importance of recycling and composting. Our Sustainability Ambassador schedules monthly beach and road cleanups where our staff (we also invite the public) take to the streets to rid the area of beer cans, plastic bags and glass bottles. We sort the trash – and recyclables go into our recycling stream, rather than the streams that flow into the ocean.

woman making recycling power-point presentation to people

We are also conducting regular workshops for staff on what we can recycle, and the best practices for recycling in Costa Rica and how we can all be better waste managers. Drift Away is also going to conduct workshops on composting to make sure our organic waste reaches its fertile potential. These workshops will be ready for the public soon, so Drift Away Eco-Lodge can help raise awareness and spread important information so we all can become better environmental stewards.

Join Drift Away Eco-Lodge to Make our World Better

As an eco-lodge, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. We also want everyone involved to keep Playa Lagartillo, Playa Avellanas and Los Pargos green and clean, so that we can all be proud of the community we call home. Please join us in our monthly cleanups – please attend our education workshops. And please build a composter in your yard, recycle your waste and pick up some trash on the beach today. It is the true essence of Pura Vida!

Eco-lodge staff in green shirts filling a wheelbarrow with trash collected from the road

Drift Away Eco-Lodge: Minimizando nuestros residuos para el medio ambiente y la comunidad 

Nosotros en Drift Away Eco-Lodge tomamos nuestra responsabilidad con el medio ambiente y la comunidad en serio. Cuando se trata de nuestros desechos, hemos tomado algunas medidas simples que han reducido drásticamente la cantidad de desechos que producimos. ¡Algunas semanas nuestra producción total consiste en solo 1 o 2 bolsas grandes! Reduce la presión sobre los residuos en Costa Rica y minimiza las posibilidades de que termine en el lugar equivocado, como ríos o carreteras.

Esto es lo que hicimos (!y lo que tú también puedes hacer!)

Plástico – libre de uso

Drift Away Eco-Lodge es una zona libre de plástico de un solo uso, donde tratamos de minimizar nuestro uso de plásticos y alentar y facilitar el uso reducido de plástico entre nuestros huéspedes. Una forma de hacerlo es ofreciendo a los huéspedes el uso gratuito de botellas de agua de acero inoxidable de calidad durante su estadía. Los huéspedes pueden rellenar las botellas en una de nuestras estaciones de agua filtrada y llevarlas a la playa o en excursiones. Elimina la necesidad de que los huéspedes compren agua embotellada. Y si lo desean, los huéspedes pueden comprar las botellas. Tampoco usamos bolsas de plástico cuando compramos, elegimos y vendemos productos con envases ecológicos, y aconsejamos no el uso de plásticos entre nuestros empleados. Y no servimos pajillas de plástico con bebidas en nuestro bar de jugos. Solo utilizamos pajillas de acero inoxidable, reutilizables y lavables.


Drift Away Eco-Lodge tiene una política sobre reciclaje. Sabemos que reciclar no siempre es la respuesta, pero también sabemos que es difícil eliminar los plásticos por completo. Entonces, cuando nuestros huéspedes traen plásticos y vidrio, queremos hacer todo lo posible para asegurarnos de que los desechos reciclables estén en manos de las organizaciones que tienen la capacidad de manejarlos de manera responsable. Tenemos una estación de reciclaje visible en el centro de nuestra propiedad que los huéspedes deben usar. También hay contenedores de reciclaje en todas nuestras habitaciones. Nuestro personal clasifica los residuos reciclables y los almacena hasta que tengamos suficiente para llevarlos al centro de reciclaje. Evitamos utilizar la estación de reciclaje local más cercana a nuestro hotel porque nos damos cuenta de que el centro está dirigido por voluntarios y no queremos ejercer presión adicional sobre los pocos recursos disponibles que mantienen las instalaciones. En cambio, llevamos nuestros materiales reciclables a instalaciones más grandes en Filadelfia o Tamarindo, donde hay personal para manejar los desechos, también cronometramos nuestros viajes con otros encargos y tareas para minimizar nuestro uso de combustibles fósiles.

Además, todos nuestros envases de yogurt en vidrio del desayuno los productos de limpieza, artículos de tocador en la habitación y bebidas como cervezas artesanales y kambuchas se devuelven al fabricante donde se desinfectan y reutilizan.


Drift Away Eco-Lodge ofrece desayuno diario gratuito para todos nuestros huéspedes, jugos y batidos frescos en el bar de jugos, y eso puede producir una gran cantidad de desechos orgánicos. Una de nuestras primeras iniciativas fue construir un compostador en la propiedad del hotel. Es una estructura simple que tardó unas horas en construirse. El compostador se alimenta con una dieta diaria de cáscaras de piña, semillas de papaya y cáscaras de huevo. El proceso de descomposición no tardó mucho en iniciarse, y ahora nuestros desechos orgánicos se están convirtiendo en un rico material fértil que usamos en nuestro jardín y otras plantas. Es sorprendente cuántos residuos orgánicos puede caber en la cajita. ¡Simplemente se descompone y nunca podremos llenarlo!

Limpieza y talleres : educación y conciencia

Drift Away Eco-Lodge tiene un miembro del personal designado para nuestro embajador de sostenibilidad y comunidad. Es parte de su mandato educar y crear conciencia sobre la importancia del reciclaje y el compostaje y minimizar nuestros desechos. Nuestro Embajador de sostenibilidad está programando limpiezas mensuales de playas y carreteras donde nuestro personal (el público también está invitado) sale a las calles para deshacerse de latas de cerveza, bolsas de plástico y botellas de vidrio. La basura que recolectamos se clasifica para poder ser reciclados, así evitamos que lleguen a los océanos.

También estamos realizando talleres regulares para el personal sobre lo que podemos reciclar, y conocer las mejores prácticas para el reciclaje en Costa Rica y cómo todos podemos ser mejores gestores de residuos. También vamos a realizar talleres sobre compostaje para asegurarnos de que nuestros desechos orgánicos  alcancen su potencial para ser mas fértil. Esperamos que estos talleres estén listos para el público pronto, para que Drift Away Eco-Lodge puede ayudar a crear conciencia y difundir información importante para que todos podamos ser mejores administradores del medio ambiente.

Por Favor !! Se une a nosotros?

Como eco-lodge tomamos nuestra responsabilidad con el medio ambiente en serio, pero también queremos que todos participen para mantener  Playa Lagartillo, Playa Avellanas y Los Pargos verdes y limpias, para que todos podamos estar orgullosos de la comunidad que llamamos hogar. Únase a nosotros en nuestras limpiezas mensuales; asista a nuestros talleres educativos. Y construya un compostador en su patio, recicle sus desechos y recoja algo de basura en la playa hoy. ¡Es la verdadera esencia del Pura Vida!

Restaurants in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica – More Than Lola’s Beachfront Restaurant

Drift Away Eco-Lodge may seem remote, but we are close to a surprising number of great restaurants in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica. Dining is one of the great adventures our guests experience when they visit!

A variety of restaurants all within a few kilometres offer Italian cuisine, Costa Rican traditional food and fusion dishes, home-cooked meals, and great pizzas – and you can enjoy them in lush, tropical, outdoor spaces or at a restaurant on the beach.

All these restaurants accept major credit cards and are all within a 2-kilometre radius of the Drift Away Eco-Lodge.  We recommend you try any one of these Playa Avellanas restaurants, and our friendly and helpful staff will happily book your table!

Best Restaurants in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica

Lola’s, Playa Avellanas

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 1.6 km (1 mile)

Lola's Beachfront Restaurant

Dine with your toes in the sand at Lola’s on the beach at Playa Avellenas

Lola’s restaurant is a famous Costa Rican beachfront restaurant.  It’s located right on the beach in Playa Avellanas and offers a great view of the surfers riding the waves. Dine with the sand in your toes under the shade of the palm trees, with a great lunch menu with organic food – good ceviche, poke and burgers, served with ice-cold beers. This alone makes it a great dining destination, but it may be most famous for its mascot – a giant pig named Lolita! Sadly, Lolita passed died of old age in late 2019. Now, 2 of the cutest little piglets call Lola’s home – Ave and Ana (Avellanas).

pig in ocean with waves

Lola, a late resident pig at Lola’s restaurant

Lola’s restaurant uses organic produce and free-range organic chicken and eggs. We recycle, compost (or feed Lolita!) and convert fryer oil to biodiesel. We support the local communities, police, schools, children’s advocacy groups, lifeguards, beach clean-ups, animal clinics, a variety of local charities and several environmental projects.

Vegetarian mains include a veggie burger and pesto pasta. There are also a variety of salads and some veggie pizza choices.

Lola’s, Playa Avellanas Hours of Operation: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closed Mondays

Mauna Loa

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 2.1 km (1.6 miles)

Mauna Loa is named after one of the volcanoes that make up the Hawaiian Islands – a tribute to our own “Little Hawaii”, a favorite surfing spot nearby. Mauna Loa has a great outdoor dining atmosphere with quaint tables sprawled over its property with romantic lighting. The menu offers authentic Italian food, homemade pasta and pizza, and Mauna Loa’s famous tiramisu. There is sometimes live music as well which adds to the ambiance of the evening.

Vegetarian options include pizza and pasta dishes.

Mauna Loa Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., & 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Closed Tuesdays. Closed for several weeks during Green Season.

Il Rustico

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 1.6 km (1 mile)

Another Italian food favorite is Il Rustico. The restaurant prides itself on its home-cooked meals, with homemade pasta and pizza served in a cozy rustic cottage in the forest. The young couple who operates the restaurant is from a small city in central Italy and came to Guanacaste with their grandmother’s recipes. The lasagna is fantastic! Some nights there is live music.

Vegetarian options include pizza and pasta dishes.

Il Rustico Hours of Operation: 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Closed Thursdays. Closed for several weeks during Green Season. 

Restaurante Blu

Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 1.2 km (0.8 miles)

Blu Restaurant, Playa Avellanas

Blu Restaurant, Playa Avellanas

Restaurante Blu bills itself as “Costa Rica Fusion”, and is a trendy little place that makes great cocktails – and a mean Moscow Mule! Blu is famous for its creativity and photo-worthy presentations, like its signature smoky sirloin tip burger served under a glass dome full of smoke! Its saucy chicken wings are also served smoked in a sealed glass jar that releases the savory aroma when you open it. Our guests rave about it!

Vegetarian mains include pizzas, gnocchi, and a Mediterranean Platter.

Restaurante Blu hours: 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Closed Wednesdays.


Distance from Drift Away Eco-Lodge: 0.8 km (0.5 miles)

Gregorio's outdoor open-air restaurant and bar

Gregorio’s outdoor open-air restaurant and bar

Gregorio’s Bar and Restaurant has an authentic, rustic Guanacaste feel – it’s not a restaurant on the beach, but it’s pretty close. It serves typical Costa Rican food like fried chicken and fish, arroz con camarones (rice with shrimp) and cheap Costa Rica beer. Great for budget travelers and those who want an alternative to the touristy, more upscale restaurants. Staff are friendly – even if you don’t speak Spanish – and the ribs appetizer plate is a meal in itself!

Vegetarian choices include veggie casados, or a variety of local veggie options like papas fritas (fries), Gallo Pinto (rice and beans), and grilled vegetables. Or get a veggie burrito or quesadilla.

Gregorio’s hours: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. every day

Playa Avellanas restaurants cater to all tastes and budgets. A culinary adventure awaits on your next visit to Drift Away Eco-Lodge in Guanacaste, Costa Rica!

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Farm to Table Meals on the Menu at Drift Away Eco Lodge

At Drift Away Eco-Lodge we strive to be as sustainable as possible. We care about the environment on a local and global level, and we want to make a positive impact on the local community. And nowhere is that more evident than in the food we serve our guests.

It just feels natural: Wherever possible Drift Away provides organic food made or grown in the area. Our fruit and vegetables are purchased from a local vendor. So are our eggs. But there is so much more!

We’d like to propose a toast! We serve our free breakfasts with toast made from bread baked at Panadería Alemana (German Bakery) near Liberia. The bakery uses whole grains and grinds and mills its own flour on-site. Their fleet of trucks delivers the bread right to the hotel doorstep (often still warm!).

This won’t get your goat: Some people have said Rancho Avellanas raises the “happiest goats on the planet” on its picturesque farm just a few minutes’ drive north of here. It’s why we use their natural, organic and home-made goats’ milk yogurt in our yogurt-and-granola breakfast. You should stop in and see the goat-babies while you’re here!

A rare cut: Organic, natural, free-range meat is not easy to find in Costa Rica, but we wanted to give our guests a sustainable and eco-friendly meat-option with their breakfasts. We did some looking around and discovered Hacienda Sapori Antichi, a small, family-run ranch located inland. Their breakfast pork sausage is made from happy, free-roaming pigs raised on bananas, goats’ milk whey and local, non-GMO corn.

A juicy secret: Our juice bar sells freshly squeezed juice from oranges and grapefruits, handpicked from trees right on our property. And we blend tasty fruit smoothies from scratch (with stainless steel straws, of course). Our palm trees are always dropping coconuts. So we put them in the fridge and presto! Refreshing and delicious coconut water to help cool you off and re-hydrate on a hot afternoon (add a shot of Centenario Costa Rican rum for a cheeky cocktail).

Here’s an eye-opener: Café Corazon is a 100% natural Costa Rican coffee, grown in the mountains south of San José, where some of the best coffee in the world is grown! The beans are roasted at the Corazon Surf Café, right here in the town of Los Pargos. They’re grown with organic compost, carbon ash as pesticide and recycled water. And the coffee is sold in 100% bio-degradable packaging. It’s a wonderful and flavorful way to start your day and it’s why we provide Café Corazon in every room, free for our guests. You can also purchase it in our shop.

And if you’re a teatotaler, our teas are totally terrific! Sangeevani Peace & Tea has created an assortment of teas to please. How about these? Black tea with mint, cardamom, and cinnamon.  Red jamaica flower with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. Ginger with lemon, lemongrass and peppermint. Green tea with blackberries, peppermint, passion fruit and pineapple. All-natural ingredients, hand-made, 100% Costa Rican and in biodegradable packaging. Also provided free in every guest-room. Shall we get the kettle on?

Why the brew-ha-ha? Let this pour over you – our delicious selection of locally brewed craft beers! Ice-cold IPA’s, red ales, amber ales, Belgian whites, & porters. Perro Loco and Los Olas are brewed in nearby Playa Grande. La Selva Artesanal Beer brews its wide assortment of tasty ales – including its unique Costa Rican Brown Ale – in Playa Cabuya on the Nicoya Peninsula. Our Happy-hour is every day between 3 and 5 p.m.

Wine-not? Uncork this little bottle of fun-facts: There is only one wine made with 100% Lambrusca Americana grapes – grown, harvested and fermented in Costa Rica. Vino Don Teofilo is a certified-organic, sweet rosé. Order it at our juice bar as an aperitif – or in a sangria!

Bottle of Don Teofilo Costa Rican rose wine.

Don Teofilo is certified organic and is the only wine made in Costa Rica from 100% Costa Rican grapes.

Cool your sweet tooth: We make home-made dairy-free ice cream. We churn it on-site using coconut milk and a unique berry found in Costa Rica: mora (a type of blackberry). It’s a perfect balance of tart and sweet and will help you to chill-out by the pool. Yum!

So that’s a (biodegradable) wrap! Feel good about what you eat and drink here. The Drift Away Eco-Lodge is committed to offering our guests the very best that Costa Rica has to offer with a buffet of wholesome, sustainable, and above-all delicious food and beverages — in our breakfasts, in our juice bar, in our rooms, and in our shop. Pura Vida!



Meet the Drift Away family

Here at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, we know that an incredible guest experience starts with incredible service. One of the things we are most proud of is our team of hard-working, friendly, energetic women and men who are committed to helping our guests have a wonderful Costa Rican holiday. Time and time again, we hear from our guests that we have amazing staff. We know! And we want you to learn more about the Drift Away family – who they are, why they love their jobs, and why they love Costa Rica!


Originally from Nicaragua, Alberto has lived in Costa Rica for many years. He grew up in a family with four girls, and now has his own daughters. Today, Alberto is the head of maintenance at the Drift Away Eco Lodge. He fixes, builds, repairs, and upgrades. He can do just about anything – just like MacGuyver! What Alberto loves most about Costa Rica? “Enjoying the sea!”

 Alberto is the head of maintenance at Drift Away Eco-Lodge.

Alberto is a carpenter, electrician and plumber all in one!


Augustine is responsible for the wonderful and beautiful gardens and landscaping of the Drift Away property. He has been trimming and grooming the property for more than a decade – before the Drift Away Eco Lodge even existed! You can catch him cleaning the pool, watering the plethora of plants, or pruning the palms around the pool. Augustine is from Nicaragua, but has lived in Costa Rica for more than 14 years. His favorite thing about his job – besides the plants – is the hard-working people he has had the pleasure of working with over the past 14 years.

Augustine is the gardener at Drift Away Eco-Lodge.

Augustine has been carefully cultivating the beautiful gardens at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge for more than a decade.


You can usually find Janel working behind the Drift Away Eco Lodge juice bar. She is one of our excellent receptionists, and she does a wonderful job helping guests and making sure they enjoy their vacation. You may also find her helping out with breakfast when it’s busy! Janel lives in the area with her two children. When she isn’t working Janel attends University, studying General Administration. “I like to interact with people and meet people,” she says. “I love Costa Rica because it is a quiet country.”

 Janel is the receptionist at Drift Away Eco-Lodge.

Janel is loves to help guests enjoy their vacations to Playa Avellanas.


Lorena is one of the meticulous housekeepers at Drift Away Eco-Lodge. You’ll also see her serving or cooking breakfasts. She is married with three daughters and lives in a nearby community called Florida. She loves her country because “it is a free country and a country of peace. I love the nature that we have.” Lorena is fantastic at keeping the entire hotel clean and organized.

Lorena is a housekeeper at Drift Away Eco-Lodge

Lorena enjoys keeping everything at Drift Away Eco-Lodge clean and organized.


Rosa is our main cook. She makes hundreds of breakfasts every month for the guests here at the Lodge. Her eggs and Gallo Pinto (rice & beans) are delicious! Rosa is a grandmother who lives in Paraiso with her family, whom she loves because “it is the most valuable thing that God and life could give me.”  She likes working in the kitchen the most, because that is where her skills shine. Besides hotel guests, she loves to cook for her grandchildren “because they always end up eating a little more food.” Rosa loves Costa Rica because it is the land where she was born, and what she appreciates the most are the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste.

Rosa cooking eggs for breakfast in the kitchen at Drift Away Eco-Lodge.

Rosa’s breakfasts are a delicious way to start your day at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge.


Yanina works hard at keeping the rooms and villas at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge spotless. Yanina also helps serve guests their free breakfasts when we are busy. When she is not working at the hotel she likes to spend time with her daughters. “My family is very kind and respectful,” she says. Her favorite thing about living in Costa Rica is its abundance of nature and the beautiful beaches.


Yarlin (pronounced JAR-lyn) is one of the receptionists at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge. Her smiling face welcomes guests and she treats everyone with kindness. She lives in Paraiso with her mother and siblings, near her grandparents (Rosa the cook is her grandmother!) Yarlin is studying Sustainable Tourism Business Management at The National University of Costa Rica in Nicoya. “I love to live in Costa Rica because we are rich, but I am not talking about money,” she explains. “It is rich for me because of the peace and the beautiful environment that is here in my dear Costa Rica.

Yarlin is the receptionist at Drift Away Eco-Lodge.

Yarlin is always ready to make you a delicious smoothie at the Drift Away Juice Bar.