One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

June 30, 2018 By News Comments Off

Pool renovations at the Drift Away Eco Lodge ended up taking us much longer than anticipated but we managed to turn this run-down area of the property into a beautiful space.

We worked hard to find the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials for our pool and ended up using broken coraline rock pieces (the leftover tile pieces no one else wanted) for the pool deck and 98% recycled glass tile for the inside of the pool.

We think all this repurposing and recycling made our pool look pretty great! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Go Big or Go Home

May 16, 2018 By News Comments Off

Our travels have been a huge inspiration for the Drift Away Eco Lodge. Having been to over 60 countries and having stayed at hundreds of hotels, we have gained a tremendous amount of insight into what sets apart a good hotel from a bad hotel.

We knew exactly what we had to change and what we could keep in order to turn this old hotel into our vision for the Drift Away Eco Lodge.

But last week, we were faced with a question… how much change is enough change?

Where it All Began

May 2, 2018 By News Comments Off

Today, we are sharing the 2nd video in our hotel renovation series, one that will take you back to the beginning of our renovations in Playa Avellanas and show you where the Drift Away Eco Lodge journey began.

Brace yourselves… this is not going to be pretty!

An Exciting New Project in Costa Rica

April 17, 2018 By News Comments Off

We are Oksana & Max, entrepreneurs, travelers, and sustainable living advocates who have spent the last 3 years in search of the most beautiful, peaceful, and environmentally conscious destinations around the world.

We searched far and wide, but time and time again, the beautiful beaches, great weather, and an eco-conscious outlook kept us coming back to the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

There is something so special about this part of the world.

Costa Rica may be a popular tourist destination, but this particular area really gives you an opportunity to escape from the crowds and to connect with nature.

For generations, locals in this area have lived in harmony with their surroundings, with the earth, the ocean, and with other inhabitants of the area.

And even though locals here now have cell phones and TVs, many still live simple lives…enriched only by a few cervezas and excellent surf conditions at the nearby beaches of Playa Avellanas and Playa Negra.

Tourist facilities are limited in this part of Costa Rica, and we wanted nothing more but to share this piece of paradise with others.

And out of the blue… an opportunity came knocking

An old hotel in the area was in serious need of some tender love and care and we jumped on the opportunity to make it into something special.

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey as we transform this rundown resort into a beautiful eco-friendly space worthy of the real beauty of unexplored Costa Rica.